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Rift News - Coming to Russia!


Trion Worlds has announced a multi-year agreement with Belver to bring a localized version of the MMO to both Russia and 10 other members of the Commonwealth of Independent States about  Rift. It's set to launch in late 2011.


“We are excited to join forces with Belver to bring Rift to gamers throughout Russia,” said Lars Buttler, CEO, Trion Worlds. “The Russian gaming market is rapidly expanding and working with Belver allows us to further our commitment to deliver quality games to gamers who buy Rift Gold  in  worldwide.”

"From the very first teaser trailer, from the first words of developers and the marketing presentations, we believed that Rift had the potential to become something incredible. And our expectations were realized,” says Slava Plotnikov, Belver company’s CEO.” The work going into to launching on Russian servers is significant, but with skilled specialists on either sides of Atlantic, Rift’s release in Russia is sure to be a solid product."

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