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Rift Authenticator for Android Available Now


Trion Worlds has released a great new security tool for their popular MMO, Rift. The authenticator Rift for Android is now available on Android Market and aims to provide a measure of increased security to defend against users who try and access your account illegally.

Certainly, we hope that you have not had security problems with your account and Rift gold Trion Worlds accounts, we recommend to kick this application either because, as they say, prevention is better than cure. The authenticator is free, simple and easy to use, while adding an additional layer of security for your account.

The authenticator is a free and optional step to add the security of your account and is easy to use. Players must simply download the authenticator, and from their computers, "Just run the patcher to connect to the game as you normally would. When prompted, enter the code generated by the application on your device Android on top of your username and password. "

For more information about Rift itself, see and to download the Authenticator, please visit the Android Market. The IOS version of the authenticator is in preparation and should be ready soon for iPhone, iPod Touch and IPAD.

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