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New RIFT Lore Spotlight: Frederic Kain


Trion Worlds today released the latest lore profile for Rift, their hit MMORPG which released early last month and has already seen a new raid instance introduced. Today's profile takes a look at Frederic Kain, a Commander of the Guardian forces who do battle with the Defiants.

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"VENGEANCE! VENGEANCE FOR KEENBLADE MILL!" shouted Kaspar Massi as his raiding party fell upon the Guardian caravan.

The sixty handpicked fighters charged with weapons held high, Kelari and Bahmi copying the ululating cry of their nomadic Eth cohorts. Massi himself came from nomad stock and howled long and loud as his scimitar ended a caravan guard's attempt to call a rally.Rift Gold

Beside him, a Bahmi swung his warhammer from the back of a tartagon, pulping heads as his beast's twin mouths gnashed at flesh. Behind them, a row of archers turned the caravan's carts and beasts into writhing cacti.

The Defiant herded the survivors into a tight circle, and Massi had just drawn breath to call for surrender when he heard the winding horn.

The sound was deep and grim, as if the ancient granitewoods themselves roared their displeasure at the Defiant,Cheap Rift Gold  and followed by the tromping of steel-clad feet. Thirty men crested the hill, gleaming in green plates, their banner reading "XII." But Massi had eyes only for the man beside the standard-bearer.

This commander glared down at the Defiant mustering to meet him as if wishing he could wash them all away by spitting. Eerily silent, he led the charge, his men keeping pace beside him. As he ran, he held aloft a black battleaxe. Frederic Kain did not swing the weapon like a berserker, but brandished it before him, his grim eyes saying "this is all I have for you."

The moment before impact, the Guardians gave a single enraged scream. They swung their weapons in unison, sweeping away the first rank of Defiant. Massi was pleased to see his forces hold, bolstered by pride and superior numbers. Their archers were even good enough to whittle down the Guardians' rearmost ranks. Shouldering through the press, Massi came to blows with Frederic Kain.Rift Gold

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