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Max DPS Rift Mage Build


Without having a doubt in my mind this is the ultimate max dps rift mage construct till proven otherwise. I want higher crits, with mana regen, with far more damage, and of course extra crits. Some say I should go warlock but I don’t agree with siphoning my dps into well being. It is exactly what healers are for and will always be that way.

I chose these rift gold Rift Normal Dungeon Listcheap rift goldthree souls:
Elemental Summoner
So why did I select these as my personal three souls:
Fire rocks !. Criticals with fire is awesome. Spike damage with fire is awesome. Having a pet do completely nothing but consider agro for the very first 3 seconds is awesome also.

But in just about all seriousness here we go:
Pyromancer because it seemed like the ultimate direct damage (with a few AOE) with out any kind of additional stuff (e.g. healing) associated with it. It truly is a fireball spamming, sit on top of your damage circle, dot throwing, and increase damage dealer that no one can resist. I like it because there's some skill involved in managing your own mana effectively or else you're from the fight a Very lengthy time.

Archon since it compliments the fire damage. It also returns mana when you land vital strikes which is extremely nice. They have a few buffs too as protection periods for their group. Nice to have but not too crazy.Elemental Summoner due to a cost-free pet as well as the growing of damage of spells with a TON. Spell crit goes up along with the crucial damage bonus by 50%. I am certain that this will get nerfed inside the future.

Personally i think with the build below and all the skills that this is a fairly great dps build. Some may perhaps opt for some more defenses, other people for AOE, plus some for a various soul all together. I played this during experiment with and completely loved it. You'll find mana problems around degree 20ish but within the end it works away really nicely

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