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An Aggressive Update Planned


Calling the 30-day v1.1 patch an 'aggressive' update, theRift team has published the preview patch notes and produced a write up of the River of Souls event set to begin next week.

You look like Death

Ascended who fight the undead armies heralding the River of Souls will have the chance to appear a bit gaunt and pale themselves. Certain monsters will drop items that transmogrify their owners into one of the living dead. These artifacts work in combat, so the dead won’t know who to fight! Some Ascended will even get to ride like the dead atop a rare Spectral Horse. While the normal steed—usable by Ascended of any level—will only be available during the actual event, the armored version will remain in the game about Rift Gold, exclusive to the River of Souls raid.

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